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DDC Deutsch is continuously updated. The updates effected by the DDC editorial team in the OCLC are translated into German in the German DDC translation software and published in the German WebDewey.

DDC updates and update notification in WebDewey Deutsch

At the end of June 2016 it became possible to search for DDC updates within WebDewey Deutsch in a separate area of the user interface. The search results are displayed at the bottom of the updates page. In addition to options for narrowing the search, the new functionality provides a notification function for new updates: DDC number ranges and other criteria which are run as a standard search upon every login can be set in the personal settings (accessible within the application via "Settings" in the top right link bar); the number in brackets after the "Updates" button indicates how many new updates are available for the personalised search.

The updates have been retroactively inserted back to 2012. Updates prior to this period can be viewed via the downloadarchive file of the earlier website maintained for the updates "DDC Deutsch Update – Dokumentation der DDC-Aktualisierungen in WebDewey Deutsch" (a link is also available via the updates page in WebDewey Deutsch). The file contains the complete contents of the website with documented updates to DDC Deutsch from the period 2008 to May 2016.

The website "DDC Deutsch Update – Dokumentation der DDC-Aktualisierungen in WebDewey Deutsch" will no longer be updated and will be discontinued at the end of summer 2016.

The New Features page provides information on the functions.

Historiy field in WebDewey Deutsch

In addition to the DDC updates which have been integrated in WebDewey Deutsch since the end of June 2016, the history information in the class view will also remain available. The information contained there includes translations of the American MARC21 field 685 (History note) which provides information about certain types of changes in a class (discontinuations, relocations, expansions); the contents of this field do not replace the other, classification-relevant information of an update (e.g. additions and deletions in the DDC Relative Index, in a class-here note or caption), but can provide useful information on the previous use of a class number. This field provides useful information especially in relation to much earlier changes, as the information reaches back to the 19th edition of the DDC.

Last update: 05.01.2017

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