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The part of Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) shown in WebDewey Search is freely available under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-ND. The German National Library and OCLC have jointly agreed to test the innovative use of DDC data on the basis of the German translation. The free availability of the data in WebDewey Search is part of a wider agreement which allows the German National Library to make electronic versions of the translated DDC available to a significantly wider circle of users than was previously possible.

What does this mean in concrete terms? The German version of the DDC in WebDewey Search may now be used and forwarded free of charge for non-commercial purposes on condition that OCLC is cited as the rights owner and that the data content is not processed or changed. This makes it possible for the first time e.g. to display DDC numbera and captions jointly without limitation - even in an organisation's own (Web) applications.

Other language versions of the DDC are available as SKOS data under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-ND under The DDC Summaries are currently published there in ten languages (including English) based on linked data principles. There are also plans to make table 2 (the geographical tablenumbers) of the 22nd edition of the English version available.

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Last update: 05.01.2017

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